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How do I get support for APRO?

This is a kind of sticky problem at the moment. Once the Source Forge thing is complete, you'll be able to use the Source Forge newsgroups, forums, mailing lists, etc.  The Source Forge stuff is all based on peer support, so it will only work if we all support each other there.

In the meantime, Paul Breneman is offering paid support, go to http://www.TurboControl.com/APro.htm to find his email address. I highly recommend him for anything having to do with APRO, especially the port components themselves.

The TurboPower newsgroups are going to stay open for now, but they are read-only. Read-only means you can only read the messages, you can't post a new message or reply to an existing message. I've already had a few emails from people who didn't understand that. You can browse through those messages, but it could take a long time to find what you're looking for. Instead of doing that, search the newsgroups from www.fulltextsearch.com (AKA www.tamaracka.com). The TurboPower newsgroups are archived for the past few years. Search in the Borland newsgroup section. If you want to only search the APRO newsgroups, start the search expression with ^apro. If you only want to search in the fax newsgroups, start it with ^apro.fax. If you're looking for APAX, start it with ^apax. I'm not sure how long they will continue to archive our newsgroups, but they're there now.

The APRO engineers have thought long and hard about providing a way to contact us directly. But, quite frankly, we need a break to get refocused on our current assignments. Don, Duncan and Mike will be taking an active roll in continuing the APRO legacy in it's new incarnation, and we will be available through the contact avenues provided by Source Forge.

Where can I find answers?

Well, first off check the manuals that came with APRO.  If you don't have the physical manuals, look at the PDF versions.

There is a big Reference Guide that details the components, and their properties, events and methods. The overview sections for the components are a 'must-read', they will give you the background information that you'll want to get the most out of the component. 

There is also a smaller Developer's Guide that has more overviews, troubleshooting techniques, tutorials for common tasks, etc, etc, ad nauseum. If you want to know how to implement a fax server, set up a com port, do voice modem stuff, it's all in the Dev Guide.

APRO also ships with a help file, but that should be used only for a quick reference. The help file contains the component sections of the Reference Guide. Overviews, tutorials, etc are not included in the help file, and the examples are very trivial.

If what you want to know isn't in the manuals, then check the APRO newsgroups. Chances are that someone, somewhere, has had the same question, has posted the question and received the answer. 

If you want to know about a particular component, search the \Examples folder for the component name. There are over 80 examples that are included in APRO, I can't think of a component that isn't used in at least one of them.

Aprozilla also has lots of FAQs, tips, hints and general ramblings that can help guide you along.

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