Out of the Darkness
You have decided that your Async Professional program needs one final touch: status lights to show modem activity. So, you drop a few of the ApdStatusLight components on the from. You even remember to drop an ApdSLController and assign each StatusLight to one of the elements of the Lights property of the controller.


The ApdStatusLight and ApdSLController components

Everything is ready to dazzle your user with a blinking Christmas tree of lights. You start the program and...the lights don't work! Your modem lights are blinking but the StatusLights are not. What's wrong?

What you may have missed is setting the Controller's run-time only Monitoring property to True. Run-Time properties don't appear in the Object Inspector, you have to set them in code.

Be careful: you can't set the Monitoring property any old time. It should be set only after the port has been opened and any user status triggers have been defined.

Take care of this sometimes overlooked step and you will be set. Oh, by the way, you did remember to assign a comport to the controller, didn't you?

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Last updated: July 22, 2003.