This is a modified version of the former www.AproZilla.com web site.

Over the course of many years, the APRO engineers wrote many technical tips (tech tips) that show how to use APRO. These tech tips are listed here for your enjoyment. Not all of our tech tips were published, those that were published have the tech tip number next to their link below.

TechTip 19970217 - Out of the Darkness (#1)
   Using status lights (the first TurboPower Tech Tip)

TechTip 19970721 - Fax printer driver (#13)
   Faxes with special symbols and international chars using the fax printer driver

TechTip 19970819 - Pulling the Trigger (#15)
   Using data triggers properly in APRO

TechTip 19971017 - ZModem Perfection (#18)
   The inside scoop on getting ZModem to behave with APRO

TechTip 19971205 - The ApdFaxDriverInterface component (#20)
   What to handle where fax files are saved, what they are named, or to automatically send a fax?

TechTip 19980120 - Detecting Line State Changes with APRO (#24)
   Status triggers

TechTip 19980202 - Using Data Packets in APRO (#25)
 Introduces data packets in APRO 2.5

TechTip 19980223 - TAPI, Don't Lose that Number (#26)
   TAPI phone number translations

TechTip 19990826 - Implementing Kermit Client "Server" Commands in APRO (#37)
   A particularly interesting feature of the Kermit protocol is its ability to go into a "Server" mode where it can accept commands from clients. Here's how.

TechTip 19991213 - Hiding and Showing the APRO Terminal's Cursor (#40)
   Have you ever wished you could hide the "cursor" in the Terminal component's display while complex screens are being displayed? Well, you can. This is possible thanks to the underlying Windows architecture of the Terminal component in APRO.

TechTip 20010111 - Diagnosing and eliminating communications configuration issues (#43)
   Troubleshooting communications problems can be tricky, but it's not impossible. TurboPower engineers tell you about some of the hard lessons they've learned helping our APRO VCL and APAX customers.

TechTip 20010228 - Reports by fax or e-mail with APRO and iPRO (#44)
   With APRO and iPRO (Internet Professional, another TurboPower library for Internet communications, really cool, you should check it out) you can let your customers choose e-mail or fax as options for report output. Here's how.

The following tech tips were not published for some reason or another. Most have not undergone any real formatting, and are copied from their original MS Word format without any special handling.

TechTip 19990806 - Which modem should I buy?

TechTip 19991015 - Before You Call Tech Support

TechTip 19991112 - FTP: Remote Directory Picker

TechTip 19991203 - Accessing Your Pager Service

TechTip 19991203 - Check for ports & modems

TechTip 19991217 - Drawing Lines with the TAdTerminal

TechTip 20010216 - Implementing a remote com port (port redirection)

TechTip 20010413 - APAX Data Triggers

TechTip 20020329 - How to support multiple TApdWinsockPort client connections to a single server

TechTip 20020412 - Alternate fax servers in APRO 4

TechTip 20020426 - Retrieving data with APAX

TechTip 20020628 - APRO Hardware Support

TechTip 20000128 - APRO and Lego Mindstorms

TechTip 20010406 - Accessing serial ports in Linux

TechTip 20010525 - Exploring the modem database (APRO-CLX, APRO)

TechTip 20010615 - Fax imaging (Creating fax files)

TechTip 20010629 - Using TAPI

TechTip 20010907 - Fancy Data Packets

TechTip 20010928 - Migrating to APRO 4

TechTip 20011012 - Convert using the idShell converter

TechTip 20011121 - Saving TAdModem Configurations

TechTip 19991105 - Rebuilding the fax printer drivers

TechTip 20000121 - Creating different mapping resources for TAdVT100Emulator

TechTip 20000204 - Automating FTP Transfers

TechTip 20000211 - Using the APRO Logging Facilities

TechTip 20000303 - Fax Server Progress Notification

TechTip 20000811 - What really happens during faxing (Class1) (this is a pretty large page, about 370 k)

TechTip 20000901 - Customizing the APRO status dialogs

TechTip 20001110 - Intercept data before the terminal

TechTip 20010309 - The TAPI Connection

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