Development Options

I hope to document various software development options (mainly for Control Terminal but also for other options such as embedded and industrial control ) on this page.

Windows & Linux - Free Pascal & fpGUI - custom drawn controls - Control Terminal and other examples

Windows - Delphi - native controls (except FMX) - lots of existing projects including Control Terminal (no FMX yet)

Lots of operating systems - Lazarus (CodeTyphon, GetLazarus) - native controls - Control Terminal and other examples (with source code): comedi, winff, peazip, Castle Game Engine (some of their plans)
Also testimonials, magazine articles (April 2014 BSD), examples (without source): Beyond Compare for OS X

Linux app on Android - Free Pascal & Free Vision - no GUI controls - Control Terminal

Embedded Options

New! Embedded engineers (who usually use C and Pascal) report they also like Pascal eXtended Library, mikroPascal, and AVRco. Here is a new project (Ultibo) for using the Raspberry Pi as a no OS embedded device!

Free Pascal wiki: Embedded, TARGET Embedded, TARGET Embedded Mispel.

No OS - Pinguino, Teensy 3.1 (recent page, debugging, Teacup, projects), Arduino ( related page ), Smoothie

Small OS:
IoT is bringing more!
Aboriginal Linux (eliminate the need for cross compiling)
Levinux, Levinux (JavaScript slideshow), Levinux virtual machine and project to combine tcg (from QEMU) with tcc
Linux - OpenWRT
DOS - Turbo Pascal (some related links are here and here)
NuttX works on Teensy

Linux - real time control with BeagleBone Black ( ), Real-Time eXperiment Interface ( RTXI ) with comedi, and the Raspberry Pi as a Stratum-1 NTP Server.

Links to related stuff

Sourceforge April 2014 project of the month

Smart Mobile Studio and Espruino (WIZnet) and DocPad

Compile and run Free Pascal programs online

Linux Luddites, Linux Voice

New! Small IDE: ideU.

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman
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