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Most of these files contain examples that demonstrate answers to commonly asked APRO questions. Some demonstrate programming techniques that can be used with APRO or without APRO. These examples are not maintained on a regular (or irregular) basis, and are provided as-is, with no warranty, guarantee or commitment from TurboPower Software. Some of these projects date back to APRO 2.1x and may not be applicable anymore, or they may use deprecated components. 

Name Size (bytes) Description
apfw95.inf  512 Windows 9x/ME printer driver INF
apndfax.zip  3,525 Shows how to append APF files (alternate method to ConcatFaxes)
autoansw.zip  1,615 Uses TApdModem (deprecated) to autoanswer multiple calls, also shows custom messages
CommProp.zip 3,442 Example of using the port handle with other APIs, this one uses GetCommProperties to get the properties of the port.
dcdtrig.zip  1,694 Uses a status trigger for DCD to detect disconnects
DefPrint.zip  1,645 Quick example showing how to change the system default printer
DialAnsw.zip  3,622 Example of answering with up to 3 TApdTapiDevices, and dialing using the first available device
dialwave.zip  1,771 Example of placing an outbound voice call and playing a wave (does not detect when remote party answers)
ENUMTAPI.zip  30,268 MS console app to enumerate installed TAPI devices
ExDataMod.zip  4,148  Example of using TDataModules to have a variable number of connections
expop3.zip  2,673 Example of retrieving email from a POP3 server using the TApdWinsockPort (does not parse the message)
ExPrnDoc.zip  3,062 Example of using ShellExecute to print a file and fax it
ExPrnDocBCB.zip  5,541 BCB version of ExPrnDoc
ExRasPB.zip 2,425 Example showing new TApdRasDialer phone book methods.
ExRasStat.zip 2,202 Example showing new TApdRasDialer connection statistics methods.
ExTapiAA.zip  2,672 Example showing how to AutoAnswer multiple calls with the TApdTapiDevice
ExTConfig.zip 2,307 Example showing TAPI config methods/techniques
exVAcct.zip  335,682 Example showing a basic automated voice system (simulates a bank account balance system)
exvansw.zip  35,556 An answering machine
exxlate.zip  1,622 TApdTapiDevice.TranslateAddress example
fax2email.zip  4,742 Example of fax printer driver app that can fax or email the print job, requires iPRO
FaxConv.zip  2,420 Example of merging a text file and bitmap into the same APF page
FaxDLL.zip 345,481 DLL that sends a fax, includes dll binary, source for dll and Delphi project using it
FaxImage.zip  2,054  Example of replacing a TApdFaxViewer with a TImage
FaxRcvBCB.zip  4,108 Example of receiving multiple faxes, finding unique names, all in BCB
FaxStatus.zip  3,492  Example showing how to create a replacement TApdFaxStatus component (can be used for other status components)
FileService.zip  3,287 Example showing an NT service that sends a list of available files, receives the file to send, then sends it via ZModem
FaxTray.zip 4.63 Example showing a tray icon app monitoring the fax printer driver and sending faxes. Some other bonus features as well.
NTFaxService.zip  6,826 Example showing an NT service that intercepts fax printer print jobs and sends them
NullPacket.zip 1,460 Example showing how to handle embedded nulls in the OnPacket event
NullPacketBCB.zip 3,425 Example showing how to handle embedded nulls in the OnPacket event in C++Builder
PortDLL.zip  6,121 Example showing how to put an ApdComPort into a DLL
QrDemo3.zip  11,312 Example showing how to print a QuickReport to our fax printer driver
richfax.zip  4,207 Example of faxing a RichText file
RTFFaxB.zip  501,027 Example of faxing a RTF file
SAPIDate.zip 2,285 Quick example of using the TApdSapiPhone to ask for some numbers and speak the current date
TapiAA.zip  2,660 Another multiple-call TAPI autoanswer example
TapiEnum.zip 2.315 Example showing how to determine whether a TAPI device is avail, supported fax classes, and supports TAPI voice
TapiFax.zip  2,953 Example of passively listening for incoming calls with TAPI (TAPI/Fax integration in APRO 4 makes this obsolete)
TapiFaxInt.zip 4,906 Example showing an alternate fax server (send and receive) using TAPI/Fax integration, also adds phone number to APF
TapiSmdm.zip  2,225  Example of opening the port with TAPI and using other components to establish the connection (uses deprecated TApdSModem)
TapiTest.zip  316,371 A TAPI tester, precompiled exe and source, does just about everything that we can do with TAPI
thread.zip  3,287 Example of multi-threading with APRO
WordWrap.zip  1,646 Example of pre-formatting an ASCII text file (adds line breaks)
wsfaxsrv.zip  7,409 An alternative Winsock fax server, clients print, connect to winsock server, send pertinent info, server faxes

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