Embedded Free Pascal

Information on using the Free Pascal compiler on embedded systems.

If you are familiar with Delphi and Free Pascal and Lazarus then you can probably skip this section...

Ever heard of Skype? The Windows version is written in Delphi. Find out how much money Microsoft paid for Skype and think about how much money you can make with what "some people" call a "dead" language. :)

Ever heard of C#? The fellow who created most of C# is the same fellow who developed Turbo Pascal and Delphi.
I guess I could turn things around and say I've been productively using a Win32 native version of C# (with Pascal syntax) since 1995! :)

Rocket science powered by Delphi!  I've been told I got this discussion started (in November 2014 related to this). :) A bit of interesting related technical discussion from 2001: Exceptions vs Error codes

Delphi is used a lot in many engineering fields with major data acquisition systems.  Look at the Comedi page at Control Pascal to see one interesting usage of Free Pascal and Lazarus (those programming tools are used here: http://www.nano.northwestern.edu/ ).  Delphi and Lazarus are also used at the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging at the University of South Carolina.

Free Pascal is used for CrossFPC which is related to viprinet.com who make VPN routers.

There are a lot of links to related stuff on this page: Development Options

Written back in 2007...

Recently, I've been developing a GUI program on this board:

I'm also developing console programs that should run on this board:

You can go to this page and set the top three weights to 1,1,1 or even 2,1,1 and click on Calculate and see the result:

The page above is no longer available.  You can see here what the above page looked like: http://web.archive.org/web/20120520091944/http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/u32/which-language-is-best.php

The old page showed a summary of all the benchmarks for all of the languages.  If you included "Memory KB" and "Code B" in the rankings, then Free Pascal came up at the top of the list (not that this really proves much of anything but it sure is fun).

Here is one page: http://benchmarksgame.alioth.debian.org/u64q/pascal.html

New Oct. 2015 - There is nice progress that can seen on this page and read about in this forum thread.

I'm using this free (with source) widget set:
http://fpgui.sourceforge.net/  Here are "Easy fpGUI" files for various platforms using the fpGUI widget library.  They make it very easy to try Free Pascal and fpGUI (also used for Control Terminal).

Here is another free (with source) widget set:

WiSeSLAp (the Widget Set for Super Light Applications, also WSL) runs on the Linux framebuffer console (via DirectFB).

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman

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