Former Mimbres, New Mexico, USA Property

(latitude 32.956 longitude -108.024)
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In 1895 and 1902 the property (which had the ruins of a Mimbres Indian village) was flooded with about eight feet of top soil (the "Big Ditch - see bottom of this page" in Silver City formed at the same time).  Now there is the former village underground as well as the ruins of another former village on top of a nearby hill. Some nice publications are here.

The view from the property (pine trees and sandstone cliffs)

Usually the sky is clear but when there are clouds they are often close (the property is at an elevation of 6350 feet). The gate opens to 3.3 million acres of the Gila National Forest which is handy for riding horses and hiking.

  There were only two major snows the winter of 99-00. This was the view on December 25, 1999 after six inches of snow fell the night before.

The view of the property from up on the cliff


The view when entering Mimbres valley when driving from Silver City

A nice photo taken from a car

 Some pretty nearby views

The weather here at 6350 feet in Southwest New Mexico is very nice.

Some friends met a weatherman from out East who did his research and retired here because of the weather. This property might have one of the best climates in the USA (or the world? - see below) because of four primary reasons:
1) It is as far South as you can get in the USA and still be in mountains with pine trees and elk. It is near the Southeast tip of the Colorado Plateau.
2) It is at an elevation of 6350 feet so every night (even in the summer) is cool. The daytime temperatures are also very comfortable.
3) It is in the middle of the desert Southwest so usually the humidity is low and most days are clear and sunny.
4) A mountain range north of Mimbres blocks the arctic air in the winter.

Historical weather data (1914 - 2005) a few miles away:  Mimbres Ranger Station

Climate information near Wilderness Ranger District part of the Gila National Forest by the National Forest Service:
"Four gentle seasons best describe the climatic conditions in the Gila National Forest. The latitude of the forest as well as the elevation and terrain permits maximum enjoyment of the forest during any season."

From The Climate of New Mexico, State Planning Office, 1973, p. 9-10:
'In 1877 Dr. Thomas A. McParlin, a surgeon in the army, reported that many pulmonary invalids came to New Mexico from the frontier of Missouri, and that "They were in the great majority of cases benefited, while many recovered from threatened consumption." (19) Increasingly, physicians and invalids requested information on New Mexico's climate. Indeed, according to the Monthly Weather Review (1895) the fame of New Mexico as a sanatorium had spread far beyond the limits of the United States. A committee traveling around the world under the auspices of the Societe Medicale of Paris carried back to France the report that in the climate of New Mexico they found more beneficial characteristics and fewer drawbacks than in any other region of the world. (20)
(19) McParlin, T. A., "Notes on the History and Climate of New Mexico," Annual Report, Smithsonian Institution, 1877, p. 323
(20) "New Mexico as Sanatorium" (unsigned article probably by Hersey) in Monthly Weather Review, New Mexico Weather Service, 1895, Vol. 1, p. 6'

If you enjoy viewing the stars the property has some of the darkest skies around. It is in the dark spot on this map that is between Phoenix, El Paso, and Albuquerque.  The Milky Way is clearly visible most nights (nice video).

Here is the web page for a nearby observatory. Engineers may like to read this older (1995) page that includes the text "The equatorial fork mount uses a main bearing from a 1965 3/4-Ton Ford Truck".  Non-engineers may like this page: Wind Harp

The Continental Divide of the Americas is nearby.

Do you or someone you know suffer from immune or respiratory problems? Why not take advantage of the benefits of a healthy climate in addition to other treatments? Come spend time in the mountains, drink goat's milk, and... (you know the story).

Mimbres, New Mexico has a unique year-round enjoyable and healthy climate, beautiful scenery, is away from large cities and crowds, has some of the darkest skies around (see the Milky Way almost every night), and there is nearby big game hunting.

New! Space Port America - Southern New Mexico Itinerary - has many of the same links that are below.  SpacePort America (Sierra, NM) is almost directly East of the property (see this - 110 miles, 2 hours 36 minutes driving time - not direct).  More info here

Local housing: - a nice lodge! also see this and this (lots of broken links)


City of Rocks State Park, near Faywood, New Mexico.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Lake Roberts

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Cloudcroft and Alamogordo were favorite places! - neat small town at 9000 feet
Aspen Rose restaurant - Saw a black bear across the street

Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum & Pioneer Village

National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak (has visitor center - is a short beautiful drive from Cloudcroft): - very nice space museum

White Sands National Monument, near Alamogordo, New Mexico ("One of the world's great natural wonders - the glistening white gypsum sands of New Mexico"). - check on full moon nights in the summer!

Albuquerque (stop at an Indian Pueblo and also the Sandia Peak Tramway)

Carlsbad Caverns

Outside of the state

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson

Grand Canyon National Park.  - has IMAX "Grand Canyon" movie nearby?

Holbrook, Arizona, home of the Petrified Forest National Park.

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