Information on using ReactOS on embedded (and other) systems.

New! Using ReactOS in a virtual machine: ReactOS

On 17 Sep 2011 I started working to get ReactOS running on an embedded board made by ICOP that uses the Vortex86DX CPU.  Systems using the Vortex86DX CPU are popular in embedded system programming courses and textbooks as well as some robotic systems.  It therefore seems to be a nice platform to have good ReactOS support.  With great ReactOS developer support I now have ReactOS running on my embedded board.

You can read the original (started in 2011) ReactOS forum threads here and here if you want the initial links and details.  In June 2013 I left new messages and they were broken away from the original threads, so also look here and here.

I was initially using a VDX-6324 board and encountered a few problems but upon trying the newer VDX-6324D board it worked.  The BIOS of the new version of the board has a selection where "Standard IDE Compatible" can be enabled.  If you have a Vortex86DX-based system with that BIOS option then you might be able to use ReactOS on your system.

In June 2013 I installed the 0.3.15 release and now two serial ports are working (as long as I leave the cables connected to another PC).  The LAN port driver still isn't installed by default.  I hope to add more details soon so please check back.

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman
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