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Files for a simple program using the Free Pascal compiler to program a Teensy 3.1.

Are you looking for a simple way to program a Teensy 3.1 (a complete USB-based microcontroller development system) on your system? These files give you that opportunity without the need to download and install the entire Free Pascal compiler.

Files generated using fpcup per notes here:

Six arm-embedded files copied (and renamed) from here:

Intel i386 systems

Win32 - SimpleTeensy-fpc-3.1.1.i386-win32-101115.zip 11 MB
Unzip the files into a new folder (rtl source is now included)

Need to get Teensy.exe from:

Open a Command Prompt in the new folder

Compile the program: compile test
Run teensy.exe and load test.hex

Repeat the last 2 steps while varying the timing (2666666 to 0666666) to show that you are changing the program!

Linux - Hopefully soon!

Need more information or help? Check out this tutorial.

Please share your ideas, comments and suggestions. Thanks!
-- Paul Breneman

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